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Orthopedics (Bone & Joints)

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Whether you’re an athlete looking to return to competition or you need help resuming daily activities impacted by bone and joint problems, our

Sports Medicine, Joint Replacement, Foot & Ankle, Hand & Wrist and more...

Our Orthopedists provide the most advanced non-operative techniques as well as surgical options.  Our leading surgical experts and physicians are fellowship trained, board certified and recognized for their specialties in sports medicinetotal joint replacement, foot and ankle, hand and wrist and more.

We are committed to keeping you moving and returning you to an active lifestyle quickly and safely. Our team of specialists work together to give you the best possible outcome, maximize your recovery, and support you along the way.


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Our Orthopedic providers are all conveniently located in the Center for Orthopedics & Movement on the Exeter Hospital campus.

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“ Outstanding physician! Companionate, detailed, down to earth and great bedside manner. Highly recommend. ” Regarding Dr. Roderick Bruno
“ Dr. Clerk is a fine surgeon. Would highly recommend him. ” Regarding Dr. A. Neil Clerk
“ Great surgeon and great experience from start to finish. I would recommend this practice to anyone who needs orthopedic care. ” Regarding Dr. McGovern
“ I have found the perfect doctor/surgeon for my current shoulder issues as well as any joint issues that might arise. ” Regarding Dr. Nowack
“ I had just heard a rave review from one of her patients who had regained full use of her hand following surgery. We are so lucky to have this level of care in Exeter, without having to go to Boston! ” Regarding Dr. Peelman
“ Dr. Coleman was excellent. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. ” Regarding Dr. Aaron Colman

Dr. Thomas McGovern has performed thousands of joint replacements and has instituted new developments to advance our orthopedic surgery success.

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Anterior hip replacement is a newer, minimally invasive technique that has replaced the traditional posterior hip replacement procedure. The difference with the anterior approach is how...

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Core Physicians is now offering a state-of-the-art knee replacement technology, which enables patients to have an exact duplicate of their existing knee joint custom made for them prior to surgery.

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We are now offering same-day appointments for sprains and strains, joint pain, sports injuries and broken bones

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Conditions treated include: dislocations, fractures, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries and tendon injuries.

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Each part of our body is unique and serves a special purpose. Your hands are essential to your quality of life and daily function, and conditions...

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Patient Education

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To help guide you through the process of preparing for surgery, we have clarified the responsibilities of the two departments (as referred to inside this...

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Please complete the new patient forms prior to your arrival at the office.  If you have been evaluated, by a non Core physician, previously for this or any...

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