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The heart failure clinic is designed to help patients manage their heart health. By combining education and treatment, our cardiac specialists work with patients who have been discharged from the hospital to help them through their recovery process or work with those referred by their physicians to help them develop a healthier lifestyle.

Heart Health Assessment

Heart failure clinic patients are assigned a dedicated nurse practitioner who works in conjunction with a Cardiologist to provide a complete initial assessment including health history, symptoms, vital signs, diet, and more. Each patient is also given a six minute walking test during the inital assessment and at subsequent visits to assess his/her response to therapy. In addition to regular office visits, the nurse practitioner also makes regular calls to clinic participants to assess current symptoms and provide medical advice and information as needed. This enables patients to receive additional medical support in the comfort of their own homes.

Customized Heart Health Education and Advice

As part of the clinic’s educational component, nurses work individually with each patient to provide customized education and advice, and each patient receives a manual that includes educational material about symptoms, warning signs, diet, and other information about managing his/her condition. Nutritional counseling is provided to those patients who struggle with effectively managing their diet. Other services, including referrals to Exeter Hospital’s Cardiac Wellness/Rehab Department when needed, are also available.

For more information please call us at 603-773-9992.